“Successful, useful personal branding advice from someone who understands what it takes to excel in business today”.
Roger Dawson,
author of
"Secrets of Power Negotiation."

“As the result of implementing Doug’s personal branding strategies, I have blown away my sales quota and doubled my income with less stress.”
Steve Darnel - Sales Representative

“Dvorak provides valuable insights and strategies on how to manage and grow “The Brand Called You, Inc.” If you don’t manage your own brand, those around you will.”
Savas Mangrel
Vice President
The Coaching Institute

“With intense competition in today’s job market, Dvorak shows you how to build your brand using effective strategies to help you get your next big promotion or land your next big sale.”
Wolfgang Salb
Managing Member
WAS Development Corporation

“Build Your Own Brand demystifies why some people succeed while others fail in life and business. I’ve seen, heard and read a lot of Authors and Trainers on this subject and none capture personal branding success like Doug Dvorak.”
Warren Stoeckel
Account Executive
Innovators in Marketing

Doug Dvorak hits the bull’s eye with Build Your Own Brand. If you want to learn the secrets of how to promote YOU, INC., then read this book.”
Ken Wyrick
Vice President of Sales
Eventra Software Corporation

Absolutely a must read for young determined sales professionals!! Too often new sales men and women adopt bad habits or receive poor advice as they are starting out which can hinder their ability to grow into a well respected sales executive. Dvorak speaks directly to those who are in the most need of his insights at a time when they are in the best position to apply it. Build Your Own Brand doesn't try to blur the lines or confuse, rather it clearly, soberly presents factual everyday sales situations and how developing your own brand can turn opportunities into real sales success. If there is a Sales 101, this would be the text book.
Paul Sheedy, Director - World Sales Organization
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Chapter 1 YOU Inc.
Chapter 11 How to Promote Your Personal Brand in Tough Economic Times

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