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BYOB was a real eye-opener for me. I always thought brands were for the big guys, with mega-marketing departments; finally someone has written a guide for the little guy to implement the same principles on a smaller scale. Some actions (eg, being more PR-savvy) are readily incorporated into day-to-day operations; others (like SEO) are more complicated, but your book provides a clear roadmap for reaching your goals. This book will be front and center among my reference books for some time.

H. Russell Herriges
CEO & Founder
Herriges Technology Partners

It was Einstein who said, “It takes a great mind to analyze the obvious…” This book describes in needed detail what goes on everyday in all our interactions—we converse, we exchange ideas, we listen, we emote; and the whole time we “naturally’ build a persona, an impression----ah—we are actually building a brand—our own. This book brings out in tangible ways how to leverage these everyday human occurrences into a solid business process that is straightforward, simple, yet powerful for the reality of today’s business world. It is almost like everyone knows how to brush their teeth, but no one ever gave you directions—this amazing book does just that!

Michael Breen
Vice-President of Training
US Sales Coach, Inc

“Doug presents a comprehensive and detailed roadmap to building your own brand and helps the layperson understand and navigate a full arsenal of online social media marketing tools - including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.  "Build Your Own Brand" is  easy to read and thought provoking and provides the Reader with the "essentials" to successfully promote the "Brand Called You, Inc.".

Dennis Fox
The Client Development Institute

For the last 20 years I have had to build my own brand by painfully extracting relevant information from larger organizations branding strategies and several how-to books. BYOB is the holly grail of how to make it in today's hyper competitive landscape and for any individual or small business owner who is the true 'backbone' of commerce worldwide. BYOB has become required reading for my team and business partners.

Mogul Advisory Group
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Chapter 1 YOU Inc.
Chapter 11 How to Promote Your Personal Brand in Tough Economic Times

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